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Spring News 2019

Joop Giodoro

Happy New Year 2019

Merry Christmas 2018

JOOP Deutscher Champion (VDH)








JOOP GIODORO has been awarded the title

"Deutscher Champion (VDH)" !!!


Le 13 Décembre 2018 Joop a été attribué le titre "Deutscher Champion (VDH)"!!!



In loving memory ...

One year already ... déjà un an ... you are always in my mind, forever in my heart


If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane, I'd walk right up to heaven and bring you home again










Le 24 Juin 2018 Joop a été attribué le titre "Champion Suisse d'Exposition"!!!

Goodbye my love ...

Joyeux Noël – Merry Christmas

VDH-Bundessieger-Ausstellung 2016






VDH-Bundessieger-Ausstellung 14.10.2016 / Dortmund Germany



Excellent 1 – Golden Club Medal / Médaille d’Or Boxer-Klub –

Anwartschaft Dt. Champion (VDH)


Thanks to judge Roland Bebber and to Nadine Michels

for handling in the ring!

NE AFB Echevannes / Bourgogne, France






Nationale d’Elevage AFB 25./26.06.2016 – (Annual Championship France)


JOOP GIODORO – Excellent 4 / 12 en Classe Ouverte

Juge: M. Ph. Jouaille (F)


Félicitations à tous les participants et un grand merci à toute l’équipe AFB, les juges et la délégation Bourgogne pour ce NE !!!!

Dépistages Santé

Maintenant les dépistages santé sont complèts. Voilà les résultats:


Now all official health results are available. Here they are:


JOOP GIODORO – HD-A, AS-0 / PS-0, Spondylose-0, ADN

Epreuves: ZTP (BK Allemagne), AD / Endurance




JETTE GIODORO – HD-B (A/B), AS-0 / PS-0, Spondylose-0, ADN

ATIBOX 2016 Rogla/SLO



ATIBOX World Boxer Show 21./22.05.2016, Rogla/SLO


JOOP GIODORO  – Excellent N.C. / 35 en Classe Ouverte

Juge: Oliver Erat (Autriche)

In loving memory ...

Happy Birthday J-Litter Giodoro

AFB RE Bruyères, Lorraine / France


Excellent 1  🏆  Medaille d'argent -  Classe Ouverte / Open class (out of 7 males) 

Judge: P. Rosenboom (Belgium)



Excellent Classe Ouverte / Open class (out of 17 females)

Judge: J. P. Noé (France)


Merci beaucoup aux juges et à M et Mme Marcel et Evelyne Spittler pour l'organisation de cette 5ième RE Lorraine.

Happy New Year 2016

Merry Christmas time ...

All health results done at this age ...

Official HD-result for Jette Giodoro  -  HD-B (A / B)

by Dr Goyenvalle / AFB

Happy 8th Birthday my love ...

More health results ...

Official HD-result for Joop Giodoro  -  HD-A

by Dr Goyenvalle / AFB

RE AFB Saint-Lambert-du-Lattay, Loire, France


Excellent 2 Classe Jeune (out of 5 males)

Judge: Maria Pontanilla (Spain)


Excellent 2 Classe Jeune (out of 7 females)

Judge: Max Fournier 

Happy 5th Birthday F-Litter GIODORO

RE AFB Forges-Les-Eaux, Normandie, France


Excellent 1 🏆Classe Jeune (out of 6 males)

Judge: Pascal Trifilieff


Excellent Classe Jeune (out of 16 females)

Judge: Francoise Pinet 

"Confirmation" for both - APTE

Cotisation 1 pt. SCC / AFB

Judge: Bernard Kafka

Tribute to AXELMOSE' 20.12.2000 - 19.08.2013

Show results 16.08.2015

Official heart results

Jette & Joop Giodoro (Che S. C. Athena's Dream x Chanel Giodoro)


Results of heart echo-doppler have been officially confirmed by AFB - AS 0 / PS 0 - for both!!

Family meeting at Atibox 2015

We were happy to meet our boxer family and friends ... from left to right  ... half-sister and half-brother Sorsha Suum Cuique and Siddharta Suum Cuique, daddy Che S.C. Athena's Dream with their owners and Joop Giodoro & Jette Giodoro!!

Siddharta Suum Cuique
Siddharta Suum Cuique


Jette & Joop had not been entered ...


but our half-brother Siddharta Suum Cuique was winning baby class brindle males ... big congrats to Vesna & Saso!!







Daddy Che S.C. Athena's Dream

"Excellent" out of 23 males in working class ...

Che S.C. Athena's Dream
Che S.C. Athena's Dream
Che S.C. Athena's Dream
Che S.C. Athena's Dream

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Heart tests Jette & Joop

First health results for Jette Giodoro & Joop Giodoro:


Both are free of congenital heart diseases! AS-0 / PS-0 !! Happy, happy ...... 

New FB Header - Joop Giodoro

Happy 1st Birthday!!

Photoshooting Jette Giodoro

Happy Easter 2015

New FB Header - Joop Giodoro

Happy New Year 2015

Merry Christimas 2014

Campionato dell'Anno BCI 2014

JETTE GIODORO won her class at Campionato dell'Anno Italy - VP1 in Classe Baby Femmine Tigrate out of 23 females!! Judge: Diego Vitali ... No words can tell how happy we are ...

Result of JOOP? He was everybody's darling outside of the ring as he was not entered in show.

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Annual Championship ÖBK Vienna 07.09.2014

Che S.C. Athena's Dream, Jette Giodoro, Joop Giodoro
We are family ... Jette & Joop Giodoro with daddy Che S.C. Athena's Dream

Successful weekend in Austria ...

Jette Giodoro & Joop Giodoro both won their classes at the age of 4 months in their first show!!

Thanks to judges DI Rikki Kainz-Götz (Austria) and Margot Egeblad (Denmark). Thanks to Suzana for handling Joop!

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